Time to put the lawnchairs away

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In the summertime, our lawnchairs are always in the trunk of the car. Whether it’s a soccer game, a family barbecue, a church picnic, a visit to the beach, or a camping trip, those lawnchairs get a lot of use. If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see that the one on the left is falling apart. We’ve had that particular chair since shortly after we got married. It has been sat on hundreds of times by dozens of butts.

This morning, we watched the last outdoor soccer game of the season. It was a disappointing 1-0 loss for Julie’s team in the semi-final round of the city championship (b-side). It’s over. The end of another season.

It’s time to put the lawnchairs away. Today didn’t feel like summer was over – it was a beautiful day. But the leaves are changing, and we’ve already had the furnace on once or twice in our house.

Fall has arrived.

In other news, I’m sitting in a stinky hotel room. No funky bed and breakfast this time – it was just easier to stay where the conference is being held. I’m stuck in one of those rather boring corporate hotels close to the airport where there isn’t even an interesting place to walk, and unfortunately I booked a little late and there was nothing left but a smoking room. Bummer. Plus I just had a very disappointing greek salad from room service, so this isn’t shaping up to be a particularly memorable place to stay.

Oh well. At least the bed is comfy. And I have a new book to read, so I’m going to curl up with it right now. I took Lucia‘s advice and picked up Infidel in the airport. It looks interesting so far.

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