Someone hand be a soap-box, please

I’m not a big fan of huge indoor shopping malls (like the one we’ll visit in a few days, if the girls have their way), BUT…

These massive outdoor malls, where someone decided it was a good idea to take all the shops out of the same building, spread them over thousands of acres (of what is probably good farmland, but pfft – who cares?), wrap them around a maze of confusing streets and parking lots so that you have no choice but to use your car to get to them and through them and you end up spending an hour cursing your way to the grocery store at the very far end of the maze just to pick up some snacks for the hotel room? Ummm… seriously… WHO thought these were a good idea?

In a world where we could quite possibly run out of both arable farmland and fossil fuels in the not too distant future, could there possibly be anything LESS forward thinking?

I’m just sayin’.

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