My sister

There have been lots of cheesy things said about sisters – in Hallmark and Blue Mountain Art cards and plaques and all manner of cheap token gifts. I’d never buy one of those for my sister – not because I don’t like her, but because we share a disdain for schmaltzy, overly sentimental clap trap.

This is my own version of “why I like my sister”:

She is the best traveling companion EVER. We have the same interests, we skip the same overly-popular tourist traps in favour of out-of-the-way local flair, we seek out similar versions of “beauty”, and we like to make fun of OTHER tourists. (In fact, I’m a little jealous of her friends and husband lately, because they’ve had more chances to travel with her than me and that sucks.)

She has been an incredible presence in the lives of my daughters from the day they were born. She spoils them, she encourages them, she treats them with great respect, she honours their individuality, and most of all she loves them.

She is sarcastic and opinionated – in an endearing kind of way. If she feels strongly about something, she doesn’t mind voicing her opinion, but she’s equally open to hearing other people’s opinions. She loves a good argument, and it was one of the things our dad admired most about her.

She is way more organized and dependable than me. But she doesn’t rub it in my face or get really annoyed when I forget about something or my disorganization gets in the way of success.

She can throw a party like few people I know. I am in awe of her hosting skills. She doesn’t want to be the centre of attention, but when you see her in action at a party she’s hosting, it is a thing of beauty.

She lets herself be vulnerable with people she cares about deeply and who have gained her trust. If you happen to be lucky enough to be within her circle of trust, you will be deeply rewarded. She’ll admit her weakness and trust you to handle them tenderly and with respect. She will treat your weaknesses the same way she hopes you’ll treat hers.

She knows me better than almost anyone in the world. There are times when we are in a room full of people, and we hear a comment made, we just need to glance at each other across the room and we can communicate our response to the comment without anyone else in the room knowing what’s passing between us.

She knows my hurts. She’s the first person I tell when I get those familiar pangs of missing dad or I have to deal with some of the transitions our family has been through, because I know that she will respond with the kind of compassion that only someone with the same hurts can respond.

She loves Folk Festival as much as I do and even went as far as arranging her wedding around it. I love her for that.

If she believes in something, she commits herself wholeheartedly. She has been part of the most incredible Children’s ministry team at our church for a long time and she has poured a whole lot of herself into caring for, teaching, and encouraging our children. Many, many children have been blessed by her.

She doesn’t like cell phones any more than I do.

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