Things are blooming in Toronto

I am trusting… that the little pieces of me I am offering up to my friends will be held tenderly in their hands…that when I share my ideas they won’t be rejected… that reaching out is better than holding back… that my recent “stroke of inspiration” is worth sharing with the world when it is ready to unfold.

I am grateful for… the roses from my husband… the cd from my daughters… the concert tickets from my sister… the lovely little encouragement and generosity of my technogeek brother…the two conference call birthday songs from colleagues and consultants… the many birthday greetings from friends and family… two birthday lunches and one supper…a gentle, kind email from Ethiopia… phone calls from Holland, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Toronto, and places closer to home. I feel loved and honoured.

I am inspired by… an amazing conversation over lunch with a friend yesterday…the sharing of big dreams…the voice of the muse (and all of the other voices of writers, artists, bloggers, etc. who reflect what the muse wants me to learn) bringing all the rambling thoughts in my brain into one beautiful focused idea.

Inspired by TGIF at Ordinary Courage.

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