Not-so-fun Monday

Pamela asked to see our October view for Fun Monday, and I had every intention of wandering around the neighbourhood today looking for the perfect shot to entice all of you to visit and to prove that Winnipeg is NOT the arm-pit of the nation, but it rained all day long AND I was stuck in the basement working on the “renovation project that just won’t end”. So you’ll have to be satisfied with these slim-pickins’.

I stepped outside in the drizzle and snapped this. You can see that most of the leaves have been released from the trees.
This is along the side of the house – I snapped this a couple of days ago before the rains came.
I don’t have a particularly inspiring view from my kitchen window, but when autumn comes, I like to watch the myriad of colours changing on our unruly shrub.
Here’s a close-up view of that shrub. There seem to be a variety of plants that have managed to assert themselves in what is supposed to be a “shrub” bordering our property.

And here’s a fairly common view in our backyard.

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