Welcome to my new home!

At the ripe old age of five, I figured it was about time for my blog to grow up and get its own space, so I claimed my corner of the internet and here we are at fumblingforwords.com.  Yay! Hope you like the new digs!

I’ve been feeling rather inspired lately, and have lots of writing and art ideas buzzing around the ol’ noggin’, so it seemed a good time to ramp up my blog a little.

There have been times when I thought I’d quit blogging, but I never did and the truth is, it’s become too important to me to abandon. This is the space where I do so much great exploration, make connections with great people, and practice my craft of writing, art, and creativity.

In honour of this new beginning, I want to offer you this little video that was inspired mostly by a quiet little moment when I was watching birds soaring overhead while waiting to pick Maddie up at a friend’s birthday party.


p.s. the music is by Josh Woodward. I found him on www.jamendo.com – a creative commons site. I think I may need to get more of his music!

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