Why should we lead with your wild hearts?

The more conversations I have in preparation for Lead with your Wild Heart, the more I am convinced that this work is not optional. This work is critical. This work is what we are all being called to in one way or another. The world needs us to accept the invitation into this work.

Leading with your wild heart is not about abandoning everything we know and moving into  the woods. It’s about engaging with the world around us. It’s about sitting in deep conversations with our neighbours. It’s about seeking more authentic ways to live. It’s about having the courage to tell the truth.

Why is it important that people get in touch with and learn to lead with their wild/authentic/creative/expressive/vulnerable hearts?

I’ll let some of the members of my wisdom circle share their thoughts on this question:

Julie Daley: “Leadership is nothing without love, connection, and relationship. And where do we find love, connection, and relationship? The heart: through a wild and authentic heart that pulses and beats with the width and breadth of our humanity. It is in our full humanity that we find our way to true leadership, a leadership that invites others into their own wholeness and personal leadership.”

Filiz Telek: “Because the world calls for it right now! and our survival literally depends on it. The heart is the doorway to a wholesome, healthy, joyful, authentic life beyond right and wrong.”

Ronna Detrick: “My impulsive response to this is that you can’t lead if you’re not doing in with a wild/authentic/creative/expressive/vulnerable heart. My calmer response is to say that, of course, leading can take place, but I’d wonder if it’s really you that’s doing so if it’s in any form that’s not all that wildness and heartness. We are so enculturated to understand and recognize leadership in a particular way…andrarely with words like “wild” and “heart.” To get in touch with and lead from this place has the potential to change EVERYTHING!”

Lisa Wilson: “We’ve been asleep for far too long.  We have reached a point in our collective evolution, a turning point, where the calls of something more can no longer be ignored.  The wild heart of each individual, beating to a knowing that goes far beyond logical understanding, holds the paths to our healing.  There is no one else who can heal you but you, and there is no other time to heal than now.  The wild, creative heart longs to be heard, acknowledged, and to be the rhythm to which you take every step.  There are many who still do not hear the calls; thus, those who can hear have a responsibility to guide themselves and others towards this awakening.  It is time.”

Hali Karla: “Because the world needs it more than ever. The world is changing and our heart-wisdom is all too often left forgotten in our daily lives and how we interact with one another. In a world based on segmentation, we’ve nearly forgotten the primal power of true connection and devotion to our vulnerable selves and source. That is why people ache deep down for compassion, expression, soul-integration and belonging – and that is also exactly why change is coming. Because it is needed and desired, deeply. It is time to remember our inherent potential. Nature has this way of balancing itself out in the end. Regardless of how humans occupy themselves they are part of this amazing balance.  Big changes and innovations, new paradigms of leadership and connection, and living in harmony with ourselves and our world will require adaptability, flexibility, deep self-awareness and radical empathy… this begins within, in the rivers where our own passions flow, uninhibited. And the more of us who choose to lead with the light from this intention, the more others will be inspired to step into that light and begin to explore the exponential beauty and transformation of heart-centered, sustainable, community-focused creative potential.”

Jodi Crane: “Because that’s where the joy is.  That is using your creative gifts for good, being self-actualized, and living your full potential.  Why would you not want to do that?”

Michele Lisenbury Christensen: “Our tendency – as pushed by both our brain structure and our culture – is to lead with our tough, logical, organized, methodical, clenchy, stiff-upper-lip selves.  And all those qualities ARE valuable.  Challenge is, we’ve got ’em in spades, and they crowd out the softer, wilder, more emotionally connected, more intuitive, more  humane aspects of our power and our leadership.  And when that happens, our capacity to respond effectively is dampened.  We can’t, without our wild hearts, be present to our own emotions, our messy processes.  We can’t be agile with the human process of coming with change.  We can’t make difficult decisions that necessarily have downsides, and be present through the inevitable turbulence in their wake.  We can’t be truly courageous without our vulnerability; we can only be brave.  And that’s a pale substitute.”

Ann-Marie Boudreau: “That is where intuitive creation resides, where our own unique gifts are born and make their way into the world where they become a part of the process of evolution in moving all sentient and non-sentient beings forward on the path of life. It is in this place where we all dance together in community  creating and shaping the world around us, unfolding our earth story before us with the dawn of each new day.”


By the way, my dear reader, YOU ARE IN MY WISDOM CIRCLE TOO! Join the conversation. Add your response to the question in the comments below. Why is this important?

Note: Registration for Lead with your Wild Heart is still open. You can download the first lesson free here. Join us in this exciting conversation about what can happen for the world if we step into our wild hearts.

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