Lost and found

lostThere’s a meme floating around on Facebook. A six word memoir. Write your life in six words. Here’s what I wrote…

Lost and found. Again and again.

This is my life.
Walking the path I think is mine,
Until it doesn’t feel like mine anymore.
Finding myself profoundly lost.
Floundering in the dark until light peeks through the shadows.

Finding my way back to myself.
Finding ease for awhile, and then…
Entering another dark place.
Lost. Again.
Sometimes by my own choosing,
And sometimes guided by circumstances.

At first it felt like I was doing something wrong,
Like I just wasn’t as good as everyone else at finding direction.
Like I was doomed to wander in the world,
Never finding the kind of clarity others seem to have.

Then I learned that this is the right way.
Lost and found. Again and again.

Each time, going deeper.
Each time, learning to understand the darkness more.
Each time, finding new truths about myself.
Finding those secrets I wouldn’t know if I were always found.

The lost place is the place where truth whispers.
The place where wisdom shines through the dark.
The place where I learn to let go.
The place where I learn to trust.

The lost place is where I finally get found.
Where I finally remove the mask.
Where I finally release what no longer serves.
Where I finally give in to what wants to be born.

The lost place is my salvation.
My surrender.
My birth.
My letting go so that I can be found.

Lost and found. Again and again.


Note: Are you finding yourself lost again? A journey through Pathfinder might help.

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