100 Years :: 100 People :: 100 Changes

Help me come up with ONE HUNDRED ways we can make the world a better place!

Tuesday, March 8th, is the hundredth anniversary of International Women’s Day. I’m very excited to announce that on that day, I will be launching my first e-book! Yay! (The above image is a sneak preview of the cover art. Yes – in case you’re wondering – I painted it.)

In the book, twenty wise people are sharing their thoughts around how feminine wisdom can change the world. I can hardly wait to share it with you!

But first, I want you to help me out with something. I’m so jazzed about what is in my e-book that  I want to create a whirlwind of energy around the power and possibilities of feminine wisdom.

Here’s what I’m asking for:

I would like 100 people (women AND men) to come up with 100 ideas (in honour of 100 years of International Women’s Day) that reflect their thoughts around the following question:

How can women change the world and how can we change the world for women?

If that sounds like too big a question, then remember this – it is the small things, all added together, that create big change. Your idea might be as simple as “change the rules at my local community centre to allow more girls into sports” or “pay for the education of one young girl in Africa who might not otherwise get to go to school” or “teach my daughter about her female lineage”.

They might be small, or they might be BIG, like “grow awareness around women’s issues at the UN“.

Let’s get that whirlwind blowing, shall we?

A little added incentive for participating: I will hold a draw of all those who participate and the winner will get a print of the above image.

Here are some ways you can contribute to 100 Years :: 100 People :: 100 Changes:

1. Share your ideas in the comments.

2. Write a blog post between now and Tuesday highlighting your ideas around the question. Add your name and link to the widget below so that we can all visit and be inspired by each others ideas.

3. Share your idea on Twitter with the hashtag #100changes (with a link back to this post)

4. Add your idea to the Sophia Leadership Facebook page. (And be sure to “like” the page while you’re there so that you’ll get updates.)

6. Let me know you’re participating by commenting on this post.

7. Share this with all of your friends so that the whirlwind grows and at least 100 people are participating by Tuesday!

p.s. More than 100 is even better, so keep spreading the word!

54 responses to “100 Years :: 100 People :: 100 Changes”

  1. Frelle

    i will participate!

  2. Desiree Adaway

    I will buy one less thing and invest that money in educating a young girl. This my friend is a great idea!

  3. Pamela Belding

    I will seize opportunities to show leadership and strength, while reflecting kindness, compassion and service whenever possible. I will do my best to be a great example to people, young and old. I will love myself and enjoy my life in order to prove to others that it is possible.

  4. Gerri Thorsteinson

    I will endeavour to speak truth to power, no matter how nervous I am. Knowledge is power and it’s even more powerful when shared. Women hold up at least half the sky yet too often their reality is ignored or distorted. I could go on!

  5. Barb Summers

    I will speak out against media journalists and television personalities (both men and women) who feel the need to steal power from women in the news by commenting on things like a “drab wardrobe” or “haggard expression” or weight changes. Women are so much more than our clothes, haircuts, age, etc. yet so often we are reduced to our appearances and nothing else.

  6. Danielle

    I will raise a feminist (who happens to currently be a 10-year-old boy). I maintain that no matter what else I do in my lifetime to contribute to global gender equality, this will be my most radical feminist act.

  7. Sandra vdSchaaf

    I will encourage and support those of my friends who’ve undertaken bold projects for change… I’m thinking of Michelle and her leadership with REED (Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity), of Janet and her work through the Positive Women’s Network in Vancouver, of Jane in her work as a priest, educator, and theologian, of Jan working with women and micro-finance projects in developing nations, of Wade & Joanna and their vision for empowering women of the Akha-Hmong. Thanks be to God for all the caring, nurturing, capable, beautiful, powerful women who make a difference.

  8. Barbara Winter

    I have a collection of quotes that I’ve considered publishing in a little book called WOMEN SAY THE SMARTEST THINGS. I will post a sampling on my blog.

  9. Yvonne

    Very cool idea! There are some ideas coming through my mind but I’m not sure yet what I’m going to write about.

  10. Sandy Dempsey

    I’ve sat here for 15-minutes with thoughts running through my head, but the one idea that I keep coming back to is to just treat people, all people, with compassion and loving kindness.

  11. chris zydel

    I will continue to provide sacred, healing circles for women where they can get support to feed and nurture themselves through the creative process and through being part of a community of strong, loving, laughing, crying, powerful, creative sisters.

  12. Louise Rooney

    I’ll be playing my part on 8th March, as I’ll be standing up in Court giving voice to the physical, mental and emotional abuse I have experienced from my Ex. I will be speaking for all those women who have yet to find the courage within themselves and the strength to speak. I will be speaking for my son, because he deserves better, he deserves to be loved wholeheartedly and not played like a pawn in the power dynamic of the old patriarchal ways. I will be his beacon, his reference, his guide of the new way of being in this world. A new way that uses inspiration rather than fear; empowerment rather than power over; love rather than shame.

    I will stand there with the lineage of women who have gone before me and suffered to birth this new world.

    I will play my part. Nervous and shaking as I may be; digging for the strength within me to be heard and understood; to be heard; to be heard and honoured; to be heard and finally protected. To see abuse brought to consequence. To see and believe myself that this brave new world we have dreamed can be manifest in our reality, in our time.

    Please remember me on the 8th March, as I remember and honour all women.

    Much love.


    1. Mo Davies

      Ouise – Just know that we’ll be lined up behind you, not there in person but cheering you on in spirit. So if you get shaky, just imagine how many women are loving, supporting and nurturing you in your courage and fortitude. xxx

      1. Mo Davies

        Oops. sorry, should have read “Louise”! Good luck in Court, you deserve the best.

      2. Louise Rooney

        Thank you from the bottom of this weary heart Mo, tears dropping from my eyes as I type. Thank you so much.

    2. Julie Daley

      Dear, beautiful Louise,
      I will be holding you in my heart all day, and then some. When you shake, know you are being held. You are a beautiful, amazing woman. Much love to you, Julie

  13. Angela Kelsey

    Almost four years ago, I was in a courtroom like the one Louise describes, and on March 8, I’ll blog about my commitment to breaking the silence that surrounds domestic violence and fighting for women who’ve experienced physical, mental, and emotional abuse. I’ll remember Louise and all the women who have walked and will walk in our shoes.

    Thanks, Heather, for putting together this great project.

    1. Louise Rooney

      Thank you Angela, I look forward to reading your blog. Our stories need to be heard.

  14. Mo Davies

    I am committing to expanding on the mandala art workshops I hold to empower women and remind them of the huge wellsprings of creativity within each and all of us.

  15. Mo Davies

    I forgot – brilliant artwork!

  16. Lisa

    I am SO moved by the comments I have read and by your initiative with all of this. I rarely post on Sunday but after finally reflecting on all of this I just let my response flow. I have linked up above…

    and wish I had more words to express how grateful I am to be alive and blessed with the capability to connect with such powerful people.

  17. Rupa

    I will commit to carrying contact information for my local women’s shelter and advocacy center with me at all times.

    The next time I see a woman in distress (which, disturbingly, I have a few times), that resource information will be immediately accessible so I can discretely share it with her. I will also call 911 if needed.

    Thank you, Heather. Bless you.

  18. Karen

    I will endeavour to teach my 13 year old daughter that she is a worthwile person and that she is not defined by her gender, size, shape, fashion etc – that her soul is beautiful and that she can do or be anything she chooses.

    Karen x

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  20. Angela Gentile

    All women need to continue to teach all men in our lives – both young and old – how to treat others with compassion, patience,love and respect. Most women are naturals at this (be it mothers, friends, sisters, or partners) and we need to continue to teach others to make this world a better place. Make love, not war. Peace to all. Happy International Women’s Day. (Great artwork by the way!).
    ~ Angela Gentile

  21. Delores Montpetit

    One in five babies is miscarried and women feel so alone when this happens to them. I have been ministering to families for 9 years and have spent thousands of hours listening to the broken hearted describe their invisible losses. As a Spiritual Director and Retreat coach I am going to listen to any invitations that come my way.

    As a mother of four born children who has lost three children through miscarriage I deeply understand our need to he heard and told these simple word “I am sorry” I am in the process of writing an article on what to say and not say when a woman losses a child so those of us whom have not ever experienced this can be empowered.


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  25. Louise

    It’s already Tuesday I’ve only just found you. Too late to blog now as I’ve just posted, but did post two paintings I’ve done of women, and updated my “about me” page with these words:
    “I believe women past, present and future all have stories to tell that can change our perspective on the world.”
    Before I came to your site – honest!
    Women must continue what they have begun – to find their voices and speak their stories to one another and the world.
    I have loved the stories of biblical women for years and want to tell them outside our churches. And I want to tell the stories of women throughout history as well. Women, who seemingly disadvantaged, have displayed great strength and faith. This is a long-term project that I can feel birthing.
    I will be exploring your site and hanging around I expect.x

  26. Yvonne

    It took a while because I was busy but now I finally wrote my post for the women’s day about loving yourself…


  27. Gaz

    I will continue to teach safety programs with a focus on empowerment rather than fear, connection rather than isolation, and strengthening of self being incongruous with numbing of spirit.

  28. Marjory

    A pleasure to be here and participate. Yes to the inexhaustible wisdom of the Feminine. Ashe!