4 responses to “Tips for helping the bereaved”

  1. Colette

    Thank you for this article Heather, practical and so right on.
    I love reading your words of wisdom and mostly applying your guidance.
    Sending you blessings
    Colette xx

  2. Ev

    Such helpful suggestions.

    An acquaintance died who had an online store. I contacted the daughter and helped her suspend the shop activity until she could get through the funeral. The family had not even thought about this aspect of the deceased’s life. What I did was very small but very appreciated.

  3. Sarah Yip

    Incredible article, thank you so much Heather

  4. phoenix

    Everyone is different. I just lost my Mom and some of your tips wouldn’t have been welcomed in my family, as we wanted the event to be very intimate.

    Thank you for your very interesting tips anyway, much appreciated.

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