MAN is it cold outside! Minus 41 with the windchill! Why on earth did any human beings choose to settle in this place? At least I have an excuse – I was born here and thus it is harder to uproot myself. But long ago, some poor, weary settlers decided that this was where they wanted to live. Did they make that choice in the middle of summer? I wonder what they thought of it once winter rolled around… “Crap, I KNEW I shoulda got on the boat marked ‘Florida’!”

Oh well, grin and bear it. At least I’m not living in a tent or a mud-walled cabin like those poor suckers. And in a month and a half, I get to hop on a plane for a warmer destination. Yay!

Marcel’s parents were over for supper last night. I made stuffed pork loin, with an apple stuffing. It was good, but not quite as yummy as I’d hoped. The stuffing had a little too much sage in it. I keep trying to find that elusive perfect apple stuffing recipe, but so far what I’ve found has just been mediocre. Maybe it only exists in my mind.

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