The God of my understanding
Likes to hang out in a good bookstore with me
He doesn’t talk much or get in the way when I’m busy
He doesn’t cast a judgmental eye on my book selection
Or roll his eyes when I get the bill

The God of my understanding
Gets up in the middle of the night with me
When one of my daughters has vomited all over the bed
She helps me clean up the mess
And gives me a dose of compassion
When all I want to do is sleep

The God of my understanding
Drops in when I’m lonely or sad
And sticks around even when I try to send him away
He hands me a box of Kleenex when I need to cry
He doesn’t try to fix it for me
Just sits there and listens and helps me figure it out myself

The God of my understanding
Celebrates with me when I have small victories or large ones
She brings food and wine and we toast the day
She indulges my passions and my desires
And delights in my achievements

The God of my understanding
Likes all of my friends
He likes to chat with us and engage in interesting conversation
He laughs at our jokes – even the dirty ones
And can out-perform anyone in charades

The God of my understanding
Shows up when I’m scared or weak
She doesn’t judge me or tell me to “suck it up”
She puts a gentle arm around my shoulders
And helps me move forward
Even when I can’t seem to figure out how

The God of my understanding
Loves to climb on a plane with me
And dream about places unknown
He doesn’t act like he already knows what’s around the next corner
He’s game for any adventure
And he shares my delight when I discover something that stretches my world

The God of my understanding
Doesn’t look at me with disapproving eyes
When my stumbling feet lose their way
If I fall, she finds a comfortable spot on the ground to sit with me
And sticks around until I’m ready to get up and try again

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