Dubya’s three day inauguration event is apparently costing a mere 41 million dollars (and that’s not including the cost of security). Huh? I’m not getting something here. FORTY ONE MILLION DOLLARS just to say “Hey – here’s your job for the next 4 years. Hope you don’t blow it.” Yikes!

Of course, most of the money is coming from all his wealthy supporters. Money is power, baby, money is power. For $250,000 you get tickets for all the events, including an “exclusive” lunch with him and Cheney (how exclusive can it be? an intimate lunch with a coupla hundred people?), and tickets to the inaugural ball. For the low, low price of $100,000, you get tickets to most of the events and an elegant candle light dinner with a “special appearance with President Bush”. I guess for THAT price, you can’t expect the president to actually DINE with you! If you just want to go to one of the ball’s (there are NINE after all), and can’t afford all that other stuff, you can get a ticket for a mere $795. All that money, just so you can get close to “The Man”. According to some fundraiser who was asked about the high price, “It’s the cost of playing the game.” Pretty darn expensive game!

Hey, I’m all for a good party, but isn’t this a little ridiculous? And you WONDER why people think you’re a stuck up, arrogant, capitalistic, “my shit don’t stink” nation? (Sorry, I really TRY not to be anti-American, but it slips out now and then.)

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