I’m feeling a little blue today. Nothing serious, just a pattern that often occurs when I’m in the middle of a home decorating project. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle. Because I’m focused on what I’m doing, and want to get it done within a reasonable amount of time, I get a little impatient and snarky with my family. Because I don’t respond well to their needs/wants, they feel ignored and overlooked, and get snarky right back at me. And because I get tired from all the extra work, I get a little sensitive and allow their snarkiness to get under my skin. On top of all that, there’s ALWAYS a point in every home decorating project when I realize that whatever I’m working on is not turning out exactly as I had envisioned it in my head. Or some member of my family walks in and shows disapproval of it and my feelings get a little hurt. I’m beginning to recognize the pattern, and fortunately I’m familiar enough with it to know that it will pass. Some day soon, the decorating will be done, it will turn out reasonably well, we’ll all get used to it, and the family will all be on speaking terms again.

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