It looks like we’ll be getting our bathroom re-done. Yay! When we got the first estimate back for $6600, I thought there was no way we could afford to do it. But the second contractor is WAY cheaper (not to mention the fact that he responded alot more quickly!), and if we buy reasonably priced fixtures, we can do it for under $3000! Yippee! It’s probably a good thing we got BOTH estimates, ’cause it gives us a good sense of how much we’re saving. (And NO he’s not some fly-by-night contractor – he’s the father of our neighbour, which makes him at least somewhat trustworthy 🙂

I can hardly wait to soak in a tub that doesn’t leave little green paint flecks on my skin. Aahh! My first bath is going to be a pure delight! Now if only I could convince Maddie that she doesn’t HAVE to jump in the tub every time Mommy has a bath, and convince Nikki and Julie that I really CAN’T/WON’T help them fix their computer problems while I’m enjoying my Saturday morning soak! Why does EVERYBODY need me the moment I step into the water???

The girls came with us to Home Depot last night to look at fixtures, and this morning when Maddie walked into the bathroom, she said “Oh! We forgot to get our new bathtub!” Smile.

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