Only a few days left… aaahhh! I don’t feel prepared yet. What do I still need to buy? What do I need to remember to pack? What things do I need to do ahead of time to help Marcel get through 3 weeks without me? Where are my summer clothes? What will I wear on my feet? Do I need to take a nail clipper along? Have I got enough underwear? When will I get all the laundry done? Oh shit – I haven’t exchanged any money yet! Do I have time to get a haircut?

Four days from now, it won’t matter WHAT I’ve forgotten to do, ’cause I’ll be on an airplane and it will be too late to worry about clean laundry or nail clippers (gotta remember to pack those in my checked luggage so they don’t confiscate them at security – never know, I might try to slash the pilot’s throat with my nail clippers!).

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