We went for breakfast, and then Corrie Lynn and I walked to the triangle/zebra market. Most shops were just opening up, so we were almost the only customers there. That made the pressure even worse than usual. Everyone tried to convince us they would give us good deals if we would be their first customer of the day. According to them, the first customer is lucky. I bough a bunch more stuff – a mobile for Paul & Jo, a musical instrument for Dwight, some more soapstone, some wire bicycles for the nephews, etc.

After the market, we went to the Sarit Centre. I bought a duffle bag, but in order to use my credit card, I had to spend at least 1000 shillings. So I ended up with a kikoy and kanga as well.

We also stopped at the Uchumi Supermarket. I bought a bunch of spices and some tea. We also picked up a few buns and cheese for lunch.

We were going to take the matatoo (mini-bus) back to the guest house because we had so much to carry, but Corrie Lynn wanted to give away some clothes, so we decided to walk and try to find a woman who could use the clothes. We found a woman and three small children who were very happy to receive a bag of clothes and a few “fruit to go” I had in my bag.

It’s hard to know how to respond to the begging. I know I’ve got more than enough, so a few dollars out of my pocket doesn’t hurt. But at the same time, those few dollars makes virtually no difference for them – they might get a few bites today, but then tomorrow they’ll still be hungry. It makes me want to be part of some bigger solution.

When we got back to the guest house, we ate our snack and then went to lie in the sun for awhile. We didn’t last long though – the sun was too scorching.

Corrie Lynn had to leave around 4:00. I’ll miss her. She’s been one of the best things about this trip – finding a soul-mate to work through some of the experiences with. We think a lot alike, even though she’s at a different place spiritually.

After she left, Dan and I were picked up by Werner and Adelia Wiens. They’re originally from Winnipeg, and they’re in Kenya teaching at Rosslyn Academy. We met them last night when they came to the guest house to meet Micheline and give her some stuff to take back to friends in Winnipeg. I’d told them Marcel was studying to be a teacher, and that we might consider working at an international school. They said I should come check out Rosslyn, and in the end, they invited us over for faspa.

We had quite a nice evening. Werner gave us a tour of their campus. It’s QUITE impressive. They have K to 12 all on the same campus, and there’s beautiful staff housing on the grounds.

We got to spend a bit of time in the computer lounge, checking and sending e-mails. I got a few from Cynthia, talking about Mom’s new male friend. It sounds kinda freaky – like they’re already talking about spending their lives together. Yikes! I’m just not sure I could process this all so quickly! I don’t want her to move away. I want to see her happy, but I’m afraid she’ll take risks just because she doesn’t want to be lonely any more.

After faspa, Werner and Adelia drove us back to the guest house. It’s only 9:00, but I think I’ll be asleep soon. I’m exhausted.

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