“Hello, hello. There’s a pace vall vertigo.”

You haven’t LIVED until you’ve seen Maddie sing U2. You may THINK you’ve lived. You may even think you’ve seen other 2 year olds sing cute songs so you don’t need to, but you would be wrong. There is nothing cuter than seeing her screw up her little face like a 2 year old Bono impersonator, with an all-too-serious expression on her face, and her lips stretching around the word “vertigo”. Nothing, you hear me – NOTHING cuter.

So go ahead, go back to your boring lives and dream about the day when you too will get a chance to see my daughter’s Bono impression.

My second favourite “Why’d ya have to go and make things so compicated? See the way you’re acting…(at this point it disintegrates into a serious of unrecognizable syllables)… gets me fustrated.” And at the word “fustrated” her face shows what looks suspiciously like 2 year old frustration, or perhaps a need to visit the potty.

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