Do you ever get the feeling you are a profound failure as a parent? I do. Regularly. Tonight was one of those nights.

After fighting with Nikki for about an hour over her piano lessons (she’s not quite grasping the scale concept), listening to her berate herself for being dumb, listening to her scream at me for making her practice piano instead of going to the mall, I was completely spent.

And what do I get for my efforts? Her pronouncement that she was going to shop for a t-shirt that says “Moms are cruel”. Maybe I should go into a t-shirt franchise – I could make a whole whack ‘a dough off disgruntled children with t-shirts like THAT!

But…when our fight was over and the dust had settled, what did I do? Well, I made cupcakes for her Easter party at school. Now I ask you, would a cruel parent do THAT?

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