I just HAVE to tell this funny story, ’cause if I don’t write it down, I’ll probably forget and it’s worth remembering…

We’ve been so thrilled that Maddie decided to start pooping on the potty. We thought it was just one of those toddler things – deciding in HER timing when she could use the potty as a depository (is that a word?) instead of her panties. Well, when Michele heard she’d reached this important milestone, she thought she’d ‘fess up to having a little hand in it.

Turns out that last weekend, when Michele was watching Maddie so we could help Mom move, Michele was looking for ways to avoid the “up to the elbows in poop” situation (her kids are LONG past the poopy diaper stage, and I can’t blame her for wanting to avoid it). She encouraged her sons to help her ensure Maddie used the potty while at her house. Well, Maddie has a huge 3 year old crush on one of Michele’s sons (calls him “MY boy”), so both boys convinced Maddie that Micah REALLY liked girls who pooped on the potty… and so on and so on.

Hey – if a little manipulation works, than WHY THE HECK NOT? It turns out, Maddie is now a proud “potty-pooper” because she’s out to impress a BOY! Egads! I didn’t think it would start THIS early! (But I’m not above milkin’ it! Perhaps I can convince her older two sisters to clean their rooms because the boys dig it… hmmm…)

Thanks Michele!!! You’re my hero! I owe my non-poopy laundry to you!

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