I forget sometimes how lucky I am…

1. He cooks supper almost every night. I climb off the bus, walk down the street, walk in the door, and there he is, greeting me, with the smell of supper wafting from the stove behind him. There’s almost always a towel tossed nonchalantly over his shoulder. It’s kinda cute. When I walk in the door, he hollers into the basement “Girls! Supper’s ready and Mom’s home!” How much better does it get than THAT?

2. He likes to tell me how smart I am. REALLY, what woman wouldn’t like THAT?

3. After nearly 12 years of marriage, he’s FINALLY figuring out how to give decent back-rubs, ’cause he knows how much I love them. (He’s not stupid – he knows what I’m willing to do after a good back rub. Ya gotta forgive him, though, for having alterior motives 🙂

4. He’s so nice to my mom. Even nicer than I am. He fixes her car, shovels her parking spot, hangs things in her apartment for her, fixes her computer, you name it. He likes being nice to her. He even invites her over for supper now and then – entirely on his own initiative.

5. He forgives me when I go away for three weeks and leave him with ALL the responsibilities. And then when I get home, he keeps right on cooking and cleaning and doesn’t expect me to make up for lost time.

6. Even though some of my crazy ideas make him cringe, he’s developed enough patience over the years to sit back and let me run with them without stopping me in my tracks. He gives me funny looks when I tell him how I’m going to decorate and I try to describe what it’s going to look like. He never gets it, but he still says “go for it”.

7. He still makes me laugh, after all these years. He’s got a goofy, perverted sense of humour. Yes, sometimes I roll my eyes when him and his brother get going, but most of the time, I laugh out loud.

8. He’s so darn smart. And brave too. How many men would risk so much and quit work when they’re nearly 40 to go to University? And THEN, after 22 years away from school, pull off A’s and B’s? He’s my hero.

9. He’s a awesome dad. He’s so interested in his kids lives. He pays attention and he gets involved. He’s the one who books the dentist appointments, volunteers for hot lunch day at school, packs their lunches, coaches their soccer team, sings U2 with them, helps with their homework, you name it.

10. He knows how to please me, if you know what I mean. Enough said.

11. Even though a part of him is resistant to change, he lets himself be more and more open to new things. He’s followed me into alot of new adventures – some stuff he vowed he’d never do – because he loves me and wants me to be happy. And he’s learning to like change himself. He’s so much more adventurous than when we first met. I’m proud of him for that. Some people never grow that much.

12. I love to hear him sing. He does a great air-band with his kids.

13. He knows WAY more about politics than I do, but he lets me act like I’m smart, now and then.

14. He’s good at showing me when he’s proud of me. Hearing him brag about my writing or public speaking makes me feel invincible. I like having him in my corner.

15. When I show him this list, he won’t know how to react, ’cause he doesn’t know how to take compliments. He’ll probably make some kind of joke about sex – that’s usually his fall-back position when he’s a little uncomfortable with something. (But at least I’ll probably get a back-rub when I get home.) He’s so darn cute!

Sorry, he’s already taken. He’s MINE! You can just go find your own husband and hope he’s half as good as mine.

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