Yes, I’m writing about Maddie again. It’s been HER weekend (her birthday on Friday and then her party today), so I guess for now she gets the spotlight.

She’s upstairs singing lullabies to the “little peanut” in her tummy. Since Auntie Cyndi and Uncle J-L have been talking about the “little peanut” growing in Auntie Cyndi’s tummy, Maddie has decided there’s a baby in HER tummy too. When Daddy asked how it got there, she said “well, I ate a peanut yesterday.” A few minutes ago, she called from her bed wanting some water, I brought her a glass, and after taking a sip, she looked down at her tummy and said “you’re thirsty, eh little peanut?” And then, not long afterwards, Nikki walked by her room and heard her singing “Rock-a-bye baby” to her tummy. Smile.

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