I remember when
I wanted to know her
But didn’t know how to make her acquaintance
How do you tell someone
Hey I like you, I think you’re cool – wanna be friends?
We used to know how, when we were kids
But then we grew up and forgot how
Because we made relationships too complicated
And all those things like kids and schedules and priorities
Got in the way
I wanted to know her
Because she was fascinating
And honest
And had interesting stories to tell
I wanted to know her
Because she had a great laugh
She didn’t pretend to be too cool
She made mistakes and let the flaws show
Finally, one day – I don’t remember exactly when
We started to be friends
We danced the early steps of the relationship dance
We tested the waters with occasional secrets
And opened up corners of vulnerability
We shared lattés
We talked about writing
We told more secrets
We went deeper
The waters felt safe
The truth got easier
Each realized the other wasn’t judging
We could be moms with flaws
And wives with flaws
And it was okay
It felt like home
It felt real
There is comfort in friendship

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