I’m off work today ’cause Marcel’s in the hospital with hernia surgery and because I had to transport him back and forth, and someone has to stay with Maddie, it seemed easier to take a couple of days off than make arrangements for someone else to do all those things.

Maddie and I have had a delightful day so far. We started out cuddling on the couch while she gave me a running commentary of all of her favourite TV shows. It was nice to know what she was talking about this time – she frequently gives me commentaries when I get home from work but because I’m never home with her, I have NO CLUE what she’s talking about. A typical commentary might sound like “you know that guy who had a hat on and he said ‘put your hands up in the air?’ and then he climbed over the fence? you know that guy?” And I either pretend I DO know that guy to simplify the conversation, or I admit that I don’t and she tries, in even more detail, to get me to “remember”.

After the TV shows, we made peanut butter cookies. Now here’s a STUPIDLY simple peanut butter cookie recipe for all you Mom’s out there who have kids who dig peanut butter (it’s Maddie’s favourite food). Here it is… don’t blink ’cause you might miss it…

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg

That’s it! Ya just mix it up, roll the balls, and do the fancy criss-cross thing with a fork (like everyone knows you HAVE to have on peanut butter cookies) and then you bake them for 10 minutes. For all you lazy cooks, believe me, you can’t get much more simple than that! They look just like ordinary peanut butter cookies. They taste like them too, but have a slightly different texture and are a little sweeter. Maddie and I have enjoyed quite a fewof them by now! (Apparently it’s called “I can’t believe it’s a cookie”)

Maddie’s cookies were rather worm-like. She called them “peanut butter carrots”. The perfectionist in me was tempted to reshape them the “proper” way, but than the laid-back mom in me said “don’t be silly!” The heat of the oven distorted them into peanut butter blobs, but she was quite fond of them none-the-less.

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