This morning I was feeling really blue. I’m not sure why, but I just felt stuck in a serious state of inertia. It felt like NOTHING in my life was moving along – I was stuck in a rut everywhere. At work I have way too many big projects looming over my head, and, since “beginnings” are the hardest part, and they’re all kinda overwhelming me, I’m just spinning my wheels and accomplishing nothing. At home, I’m behind in everything. The laundry has gotten out of control again, every room in the house needs some serious Spring cleaning, I haven’t done our taxes yet and the deadline is in sight, the yard work needs to be done, and now that it’s getting nicer out, I’m reminded that I only painted HALF of the exterior of the house last year so the other half needs to be done. I could go on and on… I’m not getting a handle on this overeating thing like I’d hoped I would, etc., etc.

Well, this morning I felt like all I wanted to do today was spend the day in bed. Given the fact that I had to play “Mommy-chauffeur” most of the day, though, didn’t allow me that opportunity. So I got moving, and only had the luxury of a short nap while the oldest two were at a birthday party and Maddie napped. After that, though, I finally got enough energy to clean the living room, and then headed outside for some fresh air – first taking Maddie on the tricycle, and then going for a bike ride with Nikki.

The fresh air and exercise did me WONDERS, and now my perspective on life is getting a whole lot better. Sure I’m behind on stuff, but it’s not the end of the world. The sun is shining, I can wear sandals outside (yippee!), I have a fun (and short, thankfully) business trip coming up which will give me a nice opportunity to regroup while I spend a quiet evening in what looks like a lovely Bed and Breakfast, and at least my living room is clean! Life is pretty good after all.

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