I know NOTHING about the whole nature/nurture debate. All I know is this… I have three daughters, and they are all so DIFFERENT! They’re being raised by the same Mommy and Daddy, and yeah, you can find the similarities, but mostly I see the differences.

Take this one example… I step off the bus after work, and it is always Julie who rushes down the street and throws her arms around me before I can make it halfway home – every day. She has always been the one to attach herself to me – she sits on my lap as much as she can, she wants me to sleep with her, etc., etc. Maddie, on the other hand, hardly notices whether or not I’m around. I come home from two days in Toronto, she briefly glances in my direction, and then carries on with what she was doing. I’m sure she’s happy to have me home, and she likes hanging out with me, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to her either way. Nikki is somewhere in between. She needs me, but she’s quite happy to be apart from me too. She’s always been more of the “check in” type – she shows up now and then to get a little affection and Mommy time, and then disappears again.

Whatever the case, I’m crazy about all of them and lucky to be their Mommy.

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