Warning: political rant ahead

Yesterday, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights voted on a Right to Food Resolution. Basically, they were resolving that all human beings should have the right to food, and that those countries with excess should take some responsibility for making sure others have enough. Fifty-two countries voted in favour of the resolution. One voted against. Guess which one. The United States.

So… (here’s the political rant – don’t say I didn’t warn you) this from the same government whose President tried to step in and insist that Terry Shiavo should have the right to food. Huh? I don’t pretend to know what was the right thing in the Terry Shiavo fiasco, but you’ve gotta admit that something’s smellin’ a little rotten here. A brain dead, white, American woman, whose right-wing fundamentalist supporters happen to have alot of political clout has the right to be fed, but those 842 million people in Africa and all over the world trying to eek out a living on parched soil and in the context of unfair trade rules DON’T?

I guess it’s just too much for this mere mortal to understand.

(My sincere apology to any of our southern neighbours who might be reading this – I’m really NOT anti-American. Just sometimes your government confuses me. But you’re not alone – sometimes OUR government confuses me too.)

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