I got a little choked up when I read the link that Anvilcloud sent us to – where Real Live Preacher had written about the death of a premature baby. It sent me back to the time when I said good-bye to my own son. In memory of Matthew, here’s a poem I wrote shortly after we lost him. Matthew, I still remember you.


When I no longer move in your womb
And my heart stops beating with yours
Please remember me

When I’ve long since left you
With nothing to hold onto
And no-one to smother with kisses
Please remember me

When you’ve packed away
My never-worn clothes
And the crib with no imprint of me
Please remember me

When my sisters have grown
Past bunkbeds and barbie dolls
And I’m still your forever infant
Please remember me

When the world no longer knows that I was
And those who do call me “fetus”
Please remember me

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