If I lock her in her room until she turns 4, will I get arrested? I promise I’ll slip her food under the door, and probably even let her come out for potty breaks. Ah, c’mon… PLEASE!

It seems Maddie has become possessed by the “three-year-old-there-must-be-at-least-ONE-boundary-I-haven’t-tested-yet” demon. The fun easy kid who once was has been replaced by this OTHER creature I hardly recognize and am not particularly fond of. At this moment, Marcel has left the house, primarily because she pushed every last button he had and he really didn’t want to be found guilty of child abuse. I’m next.

Whoever came up with “terrible twos” hadn’t yet lived through the “more-horrible-than-living-with-the-tasmanian-devil” threes.

You know that advertisement where the kid in the back seat is busy emptying the mother’s wallet and tossing all the items out the window? Yeah, well, not so funny when it happens to YOU! Fortunately nothing actually left the car, but she had torn apart everything in the two bags in the back seat of the car, and hung three things out the window before I managed to get things under control. Thank God for automatic windows that I can control from the driver’s seat.

Oh, and before the “hanging things out the window” incident, I was particularly impressed when she spit at me in Zellers.

Those of you who still have illusions that Maddie is a delightful, happy-go-lucky, charm-the-pants-off-ya child, THINK AGAIN!

Anyone want to babysit? Like, maybe for a YEAR?

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