She just needed to find Middle C.

We arrived early at the piano recital. Her first piano recital. Nervous energy straightened her spine and made her twist the ring on her finger. “Mom,” she whispered, “what if I can’t find Middle C?”

Only a few people had arrived so far, so we walked to the front of the room where the imposing grand piano stood. “Which one do you think it is?” I asked. She pointed. “Can your remember where it is?” I asked. “Yes – it’s just below the letter F in the name.”

Her turn didn’t come until far down in the program, but when it came, she walked to the front, sat down, and played flawlessly. She found Middle C. She grinned a shy half-grin of pride as she walked back to her seat.

She’s not alone, I thought. We’re all looking for Middle C. We all need to know where our starting point is – our point of reference. Once we figure that out, we can move forward with confidence. Once we know where our security is – our centre – we’ve got it made.

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