As I’ve said before, riding my bike home from work has become my favourite part of the day. So I thought I’d share it with you. Hop on the back of my bike (if you’re nice and small, you should be able to fit in the panier bags) and I’ll take you along…

The Trek awaits departure (look at it – sitting there basking in the sun!) – and there are the panier bags where you can join the ride.The happy biker sets off (believe me, it’s not easy taking a picture of yourself WHILE riding your bike!)
My bike may not be as cool as Brother Bear’s but it works for me! (This is one of the 62 concrete “Bears on Broadway”, a unique fundraiser for the Cancer Society)
I have to take a little detour to ride past this, but it’s worth it. This morning there was a little bunny hopping past it. Made me smile.
Now THAT’s what you call a log-jam! After a fairly lengthy rainy period, the river was quite flooded. As it went down, it deposited all these old logs on the shore – including the bike path leading to the Forks (fortunately, it doesn’t affect my route at all).
Nature’s way of obliterating graffiti…

Ah… work behind me, home ahead of me, and a peaceful river path in between… what a nice transition!

One of my favourite spots, especially in the morning when the sun peaks through the trees and I can often watch rowing teams out for an early morning practice on the river.

Are ya gettin’ the picture WHY I enjoy this ride so much? Wildflowers, river, blue skies…

Some enterprising campers found a convenient, secluded, but illegal spot to pitch a tent. This morning when I rode past, the tent was dismantled (perhaps someone had told them to take it down) but I was rather surprised to see a woman sleeping under the folded tent.
The rear view (again – a little tricky to take this pic WHILE riding! Surprisingly, I managed to get the auto-focus to adjust to the mirror and not the ground – not all of them turned out that way.)
The view from the bridge… the Mighty Red. Still pretty high in its banks. It’s been a WET year.

Another nice spot along the journey – riding beside the golf course. Fortunately, there’s a fence between me and any stray balls that might come my way.

This was a wonderful discovery – a tunnel that helps me avoid a couple of very busy streets and a rather suicidal intersection.

Quiet please – you never know who might be sleeping in the tunnel!

Getting close to home now… I like the evergreens beside this trail.
True to form, Julie runs out to greet me when I arrive. Can’t imagine a better home-coming!
Home! And there’s Maddie peaking out the window.

Hope you enjoyed the ride! Of course, I only included the good spots. There are a few busy streets I have to navigate, but it was a little tricky getting those shots without risking my life.

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