My mom’s husband is in the hospital. Again. It’s the second time since they met in February. Something’s wrong with his lungs this time.

I want so badly for my mom to be happy. I want life to be easy for her. It’s her turn, I figure. Life was rarely easy when she was married to my dad. It was happy sometimes, but rarely easy. Now I want it to be easy AND happy.

I’m not sure what happiness looks like for my mom. We’re very different, her and I, so for each of us, happiness has a different face. But there’s one thing I DO know, happiness is not sleeping alone in the bed where her new husband spent over 40 years with his first wife while her husband is in a hospital more than 40 kilometres away and her children and grandchildren are hundreds of kilometres away.

I’m a little pissed off that God wouldn’t make it easy this time around. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask for a woman who has given up so much for so many people. Too much. Her whole life has been a sacrifice, now I want it to be sweet. God, if you’re out there, just give her this. Please…

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