I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong, especially when being wrong brings about a better set of circumstances than being right.

At the moment, Mom is in h8s2cln’s kitchen with her hands in the bun dough, and Maddie is next to her “helping” her make buns. There are very happy sounds coming out of the kitchen. Grandma’s explaining her every move and Maddie’s hoping to add water to the dough. Maddie to Grandpa Paul “I’m gonna make my OWN bun and then I’ll make YOU one.”

It’s all good – REAL good! Yesterday, despite my dire predictions, Mom and her hubby showed up with their camper. They’re hanging out here with us, and we’re going to the mountains tomorrow! AND it’s nice and sunny out despite the weatherman’s prediction for more rain. Yay! The vacation is back on track, with just a few minor modifications.


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