Well, after whining about everyone going on trips except me, it’s finally our turn to pack up the car and head off on the road. I LOVE road trips. I like miles and miles of prairie. I like picnics at the little road-side picnic areas. I hope the girls are little troupers and don’t get too bored in the back of the car, ’cause I DON’T love the sound of fighting children.

Our first stop is Weyburn, Saskatchewan. I’ll be making a presentation there tomorrow morning at an ecumenical service for their Wheat Fest. From there we’re heading to Alberta to visit family and hopefully some friends. There’s a good chance we’ll also end up camping in the mountains. Yay!

I may or may not be on a computer at some point, but in the meantime, if you’re bored and looking for more distractions to help you kill time while you should be doing something else (eg. laundry, work, packing, washing the floor – you know what I mean), feel free to read some of my favourite posts – most of them are from the days when the only person reading this blog was my sister…

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And if you’re REALLY bored, I put my whole journal from my trip to Africa online – it starts around February 8.

Bye for now!

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