Dale over at Mimico tagged me with 10 songs I’m enjoying these days. Here they are. Feel free to tag yourself if you want to join.

World’s on Fire – Sarah McLachlan (one of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen – look for it on her website – but the song stands on its own without the video)
One Voice – Wailin’ Jennys (yes, AC, you really should get the album! Worth every penny!)
Dad’s Yard – Catie Curtis (just heard this one at the Folk Festival and haven’t bought the cd yet, but I will)
One Step Closer to Knowing – U2 (that’s how I feel most of the time – if nothing else – if “truth” remains elusive, at least I’m getting one step closer to knowing)
Where No One Knows Me – Jann Arden (yeah, I’m a BIG Jann Arden fan, and can hardly wait for her concert in October – here’s hoping CCAP doesn’t go into labour that day!)
London Still – The Waifs (gives me the chills – in a good way. Wish I could see them in concert again, but they’re busy having babies)
Anniversary Song – Cowboy Junkies (haven’t listened to it in awhile, but it’s a long-time favourite)
Blessed are the Poor – Steve Bell (I’ve listened to this song about 100 times lately ‘cause I was using it for a multi-media presentation. I’d say it’s worth mentioning if I still like it after that many listens.)
Kings of Summer Street – Bob Bennett (and I can’t mention Kings of Summer Street without mentioning the partner song, We Were the Kings – the first one is about childhood, the second is about adulthood and the loss of a childhood friend. Get the kleenex out before you turn this one on.)
Fields of Gold – Sting (ya can’t go wrong with a Sting song thrown into the mix)

I just realized that, with the exception of U2, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing all of the above play live. Lucky me. Just for fun, and not because it is part of the meme, here are some of my memories of the concerts…

Sting – went to that one when Marcel and I were dating, probably 14 years ago. Would you believe it – HE FELL ASLEEP! That was back in the days of long days driving truck and living with sleep apnea before he knew he had sleep apnea. Thankfully, I don’t think he’d fall asleep at a concert now.

Jann Arden – LOVE her concerts. She has such an incredible mix of powerful lyrics and bust your gut humour. Her stories crack you up and her songs can make you cry.

Cowboy Junkies – for some reason I don’t understand, they’d removed all the seats in the Westend Cultural Centre for this concert. Perhaps they oversold the tickets. Whatever the case, we had to sit on the floor, with no back support for the whole concert. I’d just spent the whole day moving (we were moving into our current house at the time), so my back could barely stand it. It was a good concert, but the strongest memory I have of it was my sore back.

Katie Curtis – I just saw her at the Folk Festival and loved her! My favourite new discovery. I saw her at a group stage, and then, because I liked her so much, staked out a spot near the stage for her solo concert. Amazing!

Steve Bell – (this isn’t so much about his concerts, though I do enjoy those) I’ve gotten to know Steve personally in the last few months, and the more I know him the more I respect him. Down to earth, humble, deep thinker, compassionate, and downright classy guy.

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