Yup, it was a good day. A very good day. We headed to Banff with Mom and her hubby. On the way, it rained a bit and threatened to be a miserable day, but when we got to the mountains, the sun broke through the clouds and stuck around until we left. It was a little cool, but the perfect day for wandering around.

Here are some of the highlights…
– a picnic lunch of ham sandwiches and Mom’s potato salad (oh, and the cheetos and pepsi we “stole” from bbb and h8s2cln. Oops – I guess I just confessed! Thanks for that- we owe you one.)
– hiking in Johnson canyon, climbing on the rocks, going through the tunnel to see the waterfall, watching the kids get close to the very friendly ground squirrels
– swimming (or more like lounging lazily) in the Sulpher Hot Springs
– shopping with the girls – candy store for Julie & Maddie, and, of course, clothing store for Nikki
– finding the most AWESOME gift for a certain baby who will arrive in October (nope, can’t tell you what it is, ’cause the parents of said baby read this blog! nya-nya!)
– supper at Athena Pizza. No, not amazing food, but it was easy, reasonably priced, and close to where our vehicle was parked.
– wandering around Bow Falls
– showing everyone where I spent a summer as a chambermaid (worst job in the WORLD – do you KNOW how bad I am at cleaning?) at Douglas Fir Resort
– just having a comfortable day with Mom and her hubby, no tensions, easy conversation, and pleasant moods
– watching the sun set over the mountains as we drove back to Calgary. It was rather breathtaking, with grey clouds moving in over bright sparks of orange sun. Perfect end to a great day.

This morning, the kids are at the wrap-up/family day for vbs. Marcel, bbb, and Mom are there with them. h8s2cln is muttering about patterns and fabric as she begins to sew her kids “first day of school”outfits. I’m doing “end of vacation” laundry. All is right with the world.

Tomorrow we leave for home. It’s been a happy vacation. We are refreshed.

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