…and you could just rewind it by 5 minutes and re-create the scene with a more desirable outcome?

I had one of those moments last night, and another one tonight.

Last night it was while I was preparing supper. Maddie was “helping” me, and she had a little pin from Banff attached to her shirt. Something someone had found and pinned on her. In the same split second I heard something fall on the floor, I glanced over at her and realized the pin was no longer there. In the next split second, I felt seering pain shoot up my leg, and I knew where the pin had landed – the exact same place I decided to put my bare foot. Youch! I screamed, and Maddie went shrieking downstairs – “Mommy’s bleeding! Mommy’s bleeding!” Her sisters ran upstairs to see the freak show, and I sat on the floor clutching my foot.

It was at that moment I realized the advantage of being a kid. If I HAD been a kid, I could have cried it off, someone would have comforted me and put a bandaid on it, and I could have rested on the couch. But because I happen to be the PARENT instead of the kid, I had to wince through the pain, and go back to preparing supper. Kids have to eat, after all. I suppose I should be happy that at least Dr. Maddie went rushing off to get me a bandaid 🙂 But I had to put away the bandaid box after she lost interest in playing paramedic.

Tonight’s filmstrip moment also took place in the kitchen, but didn’t involve pain. Or at least not “literal” pain. Tonight, while the kids were getting ready for bed, I opened the fridge to put something away. I glanced down at the bottom shelf of the fridge and realized the chocolate milk jug was missing its lid. When I grabbed the milk jug to replace the lid, I heard the sound of pouring liquid. Turns out the lemonade jug, which was ALSO missing its lid, had been leaning on the milk jug. Oops. BIG oops. Can you imagine my joy at the prospect of cleaning a pitcher full of lemonade out of my fridge?

On the up-side (if there really IS an up-side) my fridge is now clean. Yes, it needed cleaning anyway, but I really didn’t plan on doing it TONIGHT!

So now I’m sitting here with my foot propped up on the desk – not only is it still sore from last night’s episode, but now it’s also WET from tonight’s episode. Poor abused foot.

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