Maddie was playing in the front yard when I heard her shout, excitedly, “Mom LOOK! There’s Africa people!” And then, because she thought I couldn’t hear her from where I stood inside the kitchen, she shouted a little louder, “MOM, LOOK! THERE’S AFRICA PEOPLE!”

I’m sure the African family crossing the street at the time thought my little blonde-haired blue-eyed girl was expressing deep-rooted, family-inherited racism, but really she wasn’t. She was just SO excited to see some people who looked like, and dressed like the people in the pictures I brought home from Africa. Remember, this is the little girl who believes that EVERYONE should and will be her friend, and the thought of a whole CONTINENT full of people she hasn’t met yet just fills her with glee. She especially wants to learn to dance like the Africans on the video I brought home.

Some day, I want to take my little blonde-haired blue-eyed girl to Africa so she can make a few more friends. In the meantime, we’ll keep our eyes open for the African family who live in the co-op across the street and maybe take the time to say hello. And perhaps offer an explanation/apology. 🙂

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