I know better than to divulge too much information about work on my blog, but let me just say IF I HAVE ONE MORE CLOSED DOOR MEETING, I WILL RUN SCREAMING FROM THE BUILDING!

More than one really tricky human resource issue has been bubbling lately, so this has been a challenging place to be this week. It’s days like this that make me wonder about my sanity when I chose to become a manager. Today, I want to be unemployed, or perhaps a self-employed consultant. At least if I’m self-employed, I only have myself to yell at when the work’s not getting done or I’m pissing off the clients!

I rarely work with my office door closed, but this week, almost everyone who enters closes the door on their way in (or I do the same when I enter my boss’ office, or I have to close the door when I get or have to make an ugly phone call). Blech. I NEED AIR! I need an open door, with no secrets, no whispering, no confidential issues to deal with, no nasty e-mails or phone calls, no one blaming me or anyone else for anything. Just a little fresh air, friendly voices, and kindness.

There – I just had to vent a little. I knew you’d listen. Thanks.

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