Yes, I’ve been wiped out by some kind of virus this week – wickedly sore throat, congested head, drippy nose, all that fun stuff. I’ve missed 2 and a half days of work. I’m back at my desk this morning, but still feel like I should be in bed. I tried to blog at home, but our computer has decided it doesn’t like me lately – maybe it’s scared I’ll share my virus :-).

Here’s one of the things I meant to blog about… Nikki and Julie came home from school on Wednesday so excited they were practically jumping out of their skin. They’d won the grand prize for the chocolate-selling fundraising campaign. (No, they’re not marketing wizards – they didn’t have to sell the most, just sell more than 2 boxes to get entered into the draw.) And the grand prize? A portable DVD player! Not something we need or would necessarily choose to buy, but it sure was fun to see how excited they were. And next time we take a road trip… well, maybe there’ll be a little less fighting in the back seat.

And I just gotta ask – why is there so much CRAP on daytime TV? Are the scheduling wizards at all those TV stations assuming their entire daytime audience is brain-addled? I only flicked it on a couple of times while I was home, but MAN there was nothing there to even TEMPT me to leave it on.

Oh, and here’s another thing I would have blogged about, had our computer cooperated. It’s another “Bathtime with Maddie” story (that’s Maddie’s and my best bonding time – in the tub).

Maddie: (picking up a small bowl) Mom, you pretend you’re a doctor. (scoops water from between her legs) I’ll pee in the bowl and you pretend you’re checking my pee to see if I have an infection.

I think I prefer the stethescope version of “playing doctor”!

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