For some reason, the words of this Martyn Joseph song have been going through my head today.

Strange kind of friend
If you ain’t got no questions
And you ain’t on the ride
Maybe you’re fine where you are
No mystery no magic
No pain in your eyes
Maybe you stepped out of the car

And the rain is a strange kind of friend of mine
The rain is a strange kind of friend
Lost my soul in the sound of the rain again
My strange friend

Engines are running
On a highway of tears
There’s not many answers to steal
You can ride down this road of great mystery
Or fall asleep at the wheel

I know where I’ve got to go
The only thing that I know
It’s calling me
I know the sun’s got to rise
Over these merciless skies

No, it didn’t rain today. In fact, it was a beautiful sunny day. A perfect Autumn day. Crunchy leaves, cool breeze, warm sun. It was a day of Thanksgiving here in Canada. A day for family, a day for relaxation and leisure. A day when the sun was shining not only literally but figuratively.

Maybe that’s why the song was going through my head today. Not all days are sunny like today. Not all days are are full of warmth and leisure. Some days the rains come. Some days are lonely, painful and cold. But those days are part of what makes us whole. Those days bring growth despite the pain. It’s all part of the mystery and magic of life. Those days, the rain is a strange kind of friend of mine.

I remember the rain as I gaze up into the sunshine.

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