For years now, I’ve tried hard not to plan anything on Monday nights. “The kids need transition time,” I say. “It’s the first day back into the routine, so they’re often a little out of sorts.”

Tuesday is fine, Wednesday is fine – any other night of the week is okay, but don’t mess with Monday. We barely venture out of the house.

Well, last night, the kids were all happy and having fun with each other, and it occurred to me, as I barked at them for completely harmless behaviour, that maybe it’s just ME! I’M the one who’s grumpy on Monday nights and needs the transition time! Not THEM! They’re adjusting fine, and often complain of boredom on Monday nights because “Mommy won’t do anything.”

Gulp. Guess I’d better stop blaming them!

Anyone want to do stuff with my kids on Monday nights? I need a little time to myself… 🙂

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