Tonight I leave for Alberta – a trip I’m not looking forward to. Not only do I NOT want to leave my kids and husband and my new niece, I feel a little like I’m heading into enemy territory. As I’ve mentioned before, for reasons I won’t go into, we had to fire our Alberta coordinator, and because she managed to convince at least some of our many supporters and volunteers in Alberta that we are the bad guys, out to destroy her life, the thought of coming face to face with some of these people (not to mention the person we fired) does not leave me jumping for joy.

So I’m thinking… it sure would be nice to bring along some friendly reinforcement as I head out into the “war zone”. Doesn’t every soldier face the battlefront with reinforcements? Who wants to come along? It could make for an interesting trip. Tomorrow, after staying with my brother and sister-in-law and hanging out with my other brother and sister-in-law and all the kids (thank GOD for family), I have to drive 4 hours into the war zone. Just imagine the trip, if we rented a bus and you all came along to “shore me up”.

Cuppa would make us all thermoses of tea to keep us warm and cozy on the ride. Anvilcloud would take pictures of each of us, and switch our heads or edit out our blemishes. We’d upload pictures of the “enemy” and he’d photoshop them until they were unrecognizable and worthy of a good laugh. The Wikkerink sisters would bring baskets of delicious food and we’d stop to picnic at a roadside park. Linda would help me remember I’m stronger than I think I am, and Michele would make jokes about the-person-who-shall-remain-nameless. Yvonne would help us keep our minds off our troubles by engaging us all in some creative activity. Accidental Poet would keep us entertained with stories about carved candles we found in the glove compartment. CCAP (with whom I’ve taken more roadtrips than anyone) would bring great snacks and take a awesome group photo while we stopped for lunch. She’d sit by me without saying much, but she’d help me remember I could handle anything. We’d all take turns cuddling with little Abigail. Stephanie would tell us about her play and pass around a few good books to keep us entertained as we drove. We’d trust Dale behind the wheel of the bus, because of his many hours driving a train. He’d remind me to “step out of the boat” with courage. Colleen would bring her puppy and we’d all take turns playing with him. Eric and Micah would entertain us with some Mandolin and Fiddle pickin’. Others, like Mel and Suzanne would tell stories that would keep us on the edges of our seats.

Imagine – the blog bus out on the open road. By the time I reached my destination, I’d be invincible.

That is what I will think about those four hours in a car all alone tomorrow.

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