Happiness is…
– Family arriving from Alberta. Knowing that we (our family) are worth driving across 2 provinces for.
– A day spent with my husband and daughters – lunch at the Forks, and then a movie (yeah, the movie was a little lame, but I was surrounded by my family, so what’s not to like?)
– Maddie, jumping up and down on the bed, “Mommy! Daddy! It’s Christmas!”
– Julie, throwing her arms around me, after opening Chronicles of Narnia (the book set), “You are the BEST Mommy EVER!”
– Nikki, poring over her new fashion design book.
– My niece Amy scoring over 200 in bowling.
– My nephew Nat, with his unique flare, tossing a bowling ball.
– My nephew Caleb keeping track of everyone’s bowling score, and then ranking them in order.
– My nephew Brodie, suffering through pajama pictures, even though he’d rather be almost anywhere else.
– My Mom, looking content with her new life, surrounded by her old one.
– Sitting in church on Christmas morning, surrounded by my family, Marcel’s family, and, of course, our church family.
– R, M , J & M coming over for lunch on Christmas day.
– A late night movie with my siblings. As AP says, we all have “experience junkie” tendencies (in varying degrees) and we all like each other. A LOT.
– Watching my newest niece Abigail, in her daddy’s arms, get “dedicated” to God on her Mommy’s birthday. (Christmas day).
– Listening to my brother Dwightsing a new song he’d written for Abigail and her parents. Watching Abby’s daddy get a little choked up.
– Not getting too stressed out about company coming, ’cause my house wasn’t very messy and didn’t need much work to get it in shape.
– Annual pajama pictures, with the grandchildren all dressed in their new pj’s. And this year, with the addition of Abigail, all four of the siblings have another generation represented in those pictures. It feels more complete now (though we hope there’s more to come :-).
– Camper breakfast on Christmas morning.
– A new book to read.
– Listening to the children sing 12 Days of Christmas at the top of their lungs.
– Mom’s home-made werenki (I have no idea how to spell it – it’s a Mennonite dish, a lot like perogies.)
– Christmas Eve with Marcel’s family.
– Pépère’s pleased look as his grandchildren open the slippers he’s had made for them.
– Toboganning with my s-i-l, my daughters, and my nephew.
– A delightful conversation with Maddie as her and I drove home alone from Grandma’s house.
– A cuddle with my husband on the couch.
– Knowing that I still have 6 more days before I have to return to work.
– Sleeping in past NINE O’CLOCK!

It’s been fun and full so far. I hope yours has been at least half as good. 🙂

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