1. When Nikki came to tell me that, not only had she dusted the living room like I’d asked her, but she’d also dusted the bathroom, our bedroom and Maddie’s bedroom.
2. Watching Julie put on a brave face, even though she was fighting disappointment when both of her sisters got something new for their rooms and she didn’t.
3. Decorating the Christmas tree with my daughters (actually – they did most of the work 🙂

4. Remembering the stories connected with each tree ornament. It’s become quite an ecclectic bunch, and I love every one of them.
5. Finding paint in 3 of the 4 colours Nikki wants for her room at the Habitat Re-store for the price we’d have paid for just one gallon elsewhere. Yay!
6. Watching Maddie talk to the Santa figurine, sing lullabies to Baby Jesus, and offer to get the angel atop the tree a snack 🙂

7. The VERY yummy recipe for the black bean dip I made for the shower tomorrow (and the fact that I get to scrape the bowl clean as I blog 🙂
8. When Marcel came to wash dishes for me at 11:00 at night, after I’d been baking like a crazy (not to mention messy) woman. He could just as easily have gone to bed.
9. Finding the kind of boots Nikki really wanted in the right size this time.
10. Watching Nikki and her dad work together on a French school project – at least an hour of them working together without either of them losing patience with the other one – that must be a record! Maybe there’s hope. Funny, with her it seems that almost every year, she reaches a bit of a breaking point (like last night), and then she turns the corner, she settles down a bit (like today) and school gets easier.
11. Finding the missing library book and cell phone in the cavernous hole in the easy chair. (Don’t ask.)
12. A lovely home, decorated for Christmas.
13. Did I mention the black bean dip I’m scraping out of the bottom of the bowl? Good to the last drop! All the better with hint-of-lime tortilla chips!
14. Fully decorating the Christmas tree instead of leaving the bottom 2 feet clear – our children are growing up!
15. Hanging one of Matthew’s angel ornaments near the top of the tree and watching the light sparkle through it.
16. None of my family whined about supper, even though I’d forgotten a key ingredient in the meatloaf.
17. The fact that tomorrow I get to see a bunch of my favourite people, and celebrate my new niece.
18. The encouraging words from my blog friends after last night’s heartache.
19. The nice warm bed that I’m about to crawl into, and the nice warm husband who’ll be next to me. G’night and sweet dreams.

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