When my sister asked me if I wanted to go through some of the clothes she’d received as hand-me-downs (expensive, brand-name clothes, I might add) to see if I needed or wanted any of them, I said “no thank you. I have enough clothes.”

Wow! Enough. I truly have enough. It was good to say those words and realize that they were true. Not just in the area of clothes, either. It’s true for furniture, kitchen gadgets, and all kinds of other stuff too. I have enough.

Oh sure, if I started to think of it, I could find things I’d LIKE, but even that list isn’t very long right now. I feel content with what I have. My closets are full enough, my cupboards are full enough, my house is full enough.

It’s a good feeling – to realize that you are content. It helps that I’ve made a decision to not bring anything into my house unless I am prepared to get rid of the same number of things from what’s already there. It makes me think twice about accepting things – even the things people give me. It’s a zero sum game – acquisitions in equals dispersements out.

Yes, I have enough.

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