As of today, I can proudly say “I have been published in the Globe and Mail.” Yup, my article is on page A20. Check it out if you happen to be wandering past a news stand today (in Canada, that is). You can read it online here, but since most of you have already had a chance to read it in my blog, you don’t have to feel obligated to read it twice. It IS kinda fun to see it on a page with the Globe’s banner across the top, though 🙂 Okay, so I’m a tad narcissistic – I like to see my name in print!

I was secretly hoping it would appear in Monday’s paper, when I was flying to and from Calgary. I’ve always had this little fantasy of being on a plane and looking across at the person next to me to see that they were reading something I’d written. Casually, because they didn’t know I was the author, I’d make reference to the article or book and say “so, what did you think?” In my fantasy, they would ALWAYS wax poetic about how brilliant the writer was, etc., etc. (Hey, it’s MY fantasy and I can MAKE people cooperate!)

So on Monday, when the person next to me started perusing his Globe, I eagerly anticipated him turning to the back page where the Facts and Arguments section always appears. (It was a 7:00 a.m. flight, and I didn’t know yet whether it was there or not.) I prayed to the little fantasy gods for it to appear, but the fantasy gods must have been distracted working on Stephen Harper’s fantasy because it wasn’t there. (For my non-Canadian readers – it appears ol’ Steve will be our next Prime Minister.)

Oh well, I’ll just have to assume that SOMEWHERE in the Canadian skies, SOMEONE is reading my article and smiling. 🙂

Note: In the editing process, they screwed up one of my sentences so that it means something slightly different from what I intended, but I’ll forgive them and just continue to bask in my glow.

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