I’m home – have been since yesterday afternoon, but I’ve barely had a moment to catch my breath since then. We babysat little Abigail last night, and today I went shopping, cleaned the house, went to watch Julie’s last skating lesson, cleaned the house some more, hosted Maddie’s birthday party, made photo shirts for the party girls, and, last but not least, made four big pans of lasagna for potluck and party tomorrow. I’m exhausted.

There are lots of posts swimming around in my head, but I’m too tired to entertain any of them right now. Here are some of the things I may blog about in the next couple of days, if I can get around to it. (Tomorrow’s another busy day, so it might not happen.)

– Maddie’s birthday post. She turned 4 today. She had her first friends birthday party. My big girl.

– My trip pics. I covered quite a few miles on this trip – a road trip across part of Alberta, and then a couple of days in Abbotsford, surrounded by the mountains.

– Observations in an airport. Airports are the best places to people-watch.

– My idea for a new magazine. After staring at walls of magazines in various airports, trying to find one that would interest me, I decided I might have to come up with my own.

– What it’s like to walk into an auction mart that’s so much like the place Dad spent 25 years of his life that for a moment I could barely breathe.

– The story of the 8 year old boy who decided to give away $236 because he heard stories of hungry children.

Yes, I’ll try to find some time soon, but right now my brain needs a little rest. In the meantime, here’s a little taste – the morning view from the house where I stayed in Abbotsford – taken just before we left for the airport yesterday. Can you imagine waking up to THIS every morning?

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