First of all, I arrived at work on my bike (in biking attire), went to the bathroom to change into my work attire, and discovered that I’d forgotten to bring a shirt to wear under my blazer. So here I am, wearing my stinky biking t-shirt under a businessy suit. And wouldn’t ya know it – there’s a stain on the collar of the shirt because I wore this particular stinky sweaty biking t-shirt the last time I coloured my hair.

And why am I WEARING a businessy suit when I usually dress more casually? Well, I had to “work the booth” at a United Church conference this morning, and thus had to do some of that small talk that I loathe. Standing at a booth trying to engage people who are trying to avoid your eye is not my idea of a good time, ESPECIALLY when I’m feeling self-conscious about wearing a stained stinky sweaty bike shirt.

AND as I was walking to the conference – a little late because I’d tried to buy a cheap replacement shirt at a bargain store but had no luck – I decided to jaywalk to get there a little faster. I started to dart across the street, and realized that I would be obstructing the traffic that was turning and had the right of way. Not only that, but one of the cars stopped at the intersection was a POLICE CAR. Fortunately, he had better things to do than give me a jaywalking ticket.

I think I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon in my office hiding in my stinky stained not-so-sweaty-anymore biking shirt.

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