Well, since Marcel is so bound and determined to have a good attitude about all this, I guess I’ll just have to quit sulking and move on. Yeesh – he takes all the fun out of my petulant mood. (Yes, for those who asked, there’s always next year. But at 41, prolonging your education – and subsequent return to work – for an extra year just seems too long to wait.)

Instead of stewing in disappointment, though, I’ll turn to lighter things and give you some of the pictures Michele requested. We had an exceedingly delightful walk along the lovely Seine River. Along the way, we saw lots of wildflowers, a couple of deer and even a fox. The evening was capped off with a fire in Michele’s backyard. Ah, what a way to relax with a bunch of beautiful women.
On Sunday, while we waited for Marcel’s grad to start, the girls and I did a little more wandering – through downtown Winnipeg. Our favourite part was a photo shoot by the fountain. Maddie was particularly delighted whenever the fountain went shooting up toward the ceiling. (I threw in that last picture because I love the way the light shines on her hair.)

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